What is Perforated Bowel

Perforated bowel is an emergency in which food or stool of the stomach leaks into the abdominal cavity due to hole in the stomach wall. It requires quick treatment otherwise it can result in death of the patient.

Perforated bowel, also known as Crohn’s disease or diverticulitis is a type of emergency which occurs when a hole in the bowel opens in order to allow its contents (food or stool) to leak into the abdominal cavity. In other words, a person who is suffering from perforated bowel has a hole in the stomach’s wall due to which food or stool moves out into the abdominal cavity. This is an emergency because if no action is taken within sometime then it can lead to death of that person. Death can be the result because when it leaks it causes frequent infection in the blood.

There are some symptoms of perforated bowel so one can get to know about this disease by the symptoms. High fever, vomiting, nausea, abdominal tenderness, abdominal swelling and severe abdominal pain are the symptoms of perforated bowel. Dehydration can be the result of intense vomiting that happens before this emergency. Apart from this, person who is suffering from this disease suffers extreme abdominal pain when he tries to move. As soon as a person observes any symptom of perforated bowel he should contact a doctor for treatment and should not waste time by requesting doctor to see the condition first. Doing this can make the condition worse because as the time passes, pain increases.

As perforated bowel is the inflammation of tiny pouches of the colon these can be affected and this causes pain. This helps the doctor to identify this disease because abdominal pain is one of the most common symptoms of this disease. As soon as the doctor gets to know that a patient is suffering from perforated bowel he starts the treatment because if he waits the patient. Perforated bowel is a non-curable disease but it can be kept in control by regular medication and treatment. Sometimes, a surgery is required to clean the pouches of colon. If any doctor lefts it untreated, blockage of the colon can result in death of the patient.

Most of the doctors go for a surgery during the treatment process. Main motive of this surgery is to clean the affected organs so that it doesn’t get infected. In this surgery, doctors wash out the abdomen. They also bring the large intestine near the wall of the abdomen in order to clear the excreta into a bag outside the body. After this is done, patient needs to take lots of antibiotics and follow the instructions given by the doctor. For proper safety, he should consult a doctor after every few months so that it doesn’t occur again.

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