What Is Pertussis

Pertussis is caused due to bacterium and lasts for 3-4 weeks or even more. Treatment process of whooping cough takes times as the process is gradual and children sometimes need to be admitted in hospital as they can’t bare its symptoms.

Pertussis, also known as whooping cough is caused due to a bacterium that lives in the mouth, throat and nose of a human. The person who gets affected by this whooping cough suffers for about 3 weeks. However, if you are suffering from whooping cough you can reduce your suffering by 3 to 5 days if you take proper medicine at proper time. For reducing your sufferings you need to take certain antibiotics which are generally prescribed by a doctor. Pertussis is a communicable problem so any person can suffer from it if he goes near the person who is presently suffering from it.

It doesn’t matters if a person’s family has never suffered from whooping cough ever. The person can get affected by it from anywhere irrespective of caste or race just because it is a communicable disease. Hence, it can be said that Pertussis doesn’t happens due to heredity. People of all age irrespective of country, caste and color can get affected by it if the particular bacterium affects his body. A proper vaccination is available to prevent it but it doesn’t prevent whooping cough for lifetime. It is effective only for a certain time period that may vary from 5 to 10 years. Since last decade, it has been recorded that children of less than 1 year get affected by whooping cough as the result of which some of them even die.

Many people confuse whooping cough with common cold because its first symptom is same. In the first and second day when you are affected, you only see its first symptom i.e. runny nose, low grade fever, mild and occasional cough and sneezing. As days pass by, cough and sneezing becomes severe and the affected person starts sneezing more frequently. As the result, skin of the patient may turn to blue, he may start vomiting and the person may sometimes have difficulty in breathing. Coughing attacks increase after few days of Pertussis without any precautions. Coughing attacks is more during night time and this may continue for two-three weeks or even more. If whooping cough has affected you very much, coughing may exist for approx 90-100 days and during this time generally medicines don’t create any impact.

For prevention of Pertussis you need to give several vaccinations as prescribed within 15 months after the child is born and one vaccination is given between 4-6 years of age. On the other hand, for the treatment of whooping cough a person needs to take certain antibiotics as prescribed by the doctor. Some children need to be admitted in a hospital for treatment because they can’t bare the pain.