What is Petrolatum Gauze

Petrolatum gauze is a lightweight cotton bandage which is for dressing of various types of wounds. They are made of fine, soft, gauze with white petrolatum or it is a semisolid mixture of hydrocarbons obtained from petrolatum. Removal of these bandages from wounds can cause minimal trauma to the wound.

Petrolatum gauze is widely used in skin graft. A skin graft is one type of wound in which a piece of healthy skin replaces diseased tissue. It is mostly used over a badly injured area, severe burns and chronic infections. Petrolatum gauze is used to cover the skin graft to keep it moist and to increase attachment.

This dressing will protect the open area from bacteria. It will not stick to the healthy tissue surrounding the wound. Skin graft adheres to the cells surrounding the wound to promote faster healing.

If a person has suffered from an injury or infection that causes air or fluid to accumulate in the space between the chest wall and the lung then the lung may collapse. In that case tube is inserted into the side of a chest to drain the fluid or release air so that lung can expand. This tube is then connected with a drainage container that is present below the level of chest. The chest tube is properly sealed to prevent air from leakage. Petrolatum gauze is used around the chest tube because it can prevent leakage of air. When chest tube is removed, a petrolatum gauze dressing is applied which can cover wounds. This covering is provided for the purposes of faster heal to wound and prevent infection.

There are very limited side effects from the use of petrolatum gauze dressing. In some cases skin irritation may occur. It can be irritant to our eyes, other than these no other side effects are reported from its use.

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