What is Pharmacology

Pharmacology is the branch of medicine that concerned with the chemical reaction of drugs and its effect. This study deals not only deals with the drugs but also it therapeutic character and it toxic effects, thus leading the scientist to develop a new one.  This also deals with the process by which a drug is become imbued, limited to protein (or not), bestowed to all the tissue storage, and as the end result of succession or process metabolized (biotransformation) or excretion untouched. The history of pharmacology is compiled to date back to the middle Age where De Materia medica is of the great and oldest medicine in the history where it is a computation of several herbs. In the 18th century mark the turning point of the making of drugs as in this period arrives the drug making using chemical structure. ‘An Account of the Foxglove and Some of Its Medical Uses’ (1785) is considered to be the best and first book to have a detailed decoding of the uses of foxglove on the treatment of edema. Rudolf Buchheim is considered to be the first person to set first pharmacology department in the University of Dorpat in the city of Tartu, Estonia.

In the year 1847 is the initiating point of that institute that is dedicated only for the purpose of researching about the therapies and the effects of drugs upon the human body. At the beginning only plant are the main focuses in the field of pharmacology. Later in the 19th century the stepping of pharmacology form the plants substance to the chemical structure is developed. The divisions of the pharmacology are clinical pharmacology it deals with the drug reaction on the human body and it’s characteristic. Neuropharmacology it is the branch that study the effects of drugs on nervous system. Psychopharmacology is the studies of effects caused by the drugs on the brain and what are its behavioral activities. Pharmacogenetics this is a research section where what happens when the genetic code in a living organ is being changed and how do they react to the drug chemical pattern. Pharmacogenomics this is an application oriented type where the discovery of new drugs and it activity are being done in it.

Pharmacoepidemiology an area study is what we can say as this section is mainly for the analyzing of the drug’s effects on the group of people. Toxicology this may be said as a precaution study as the nearby future effect of the new discovered drugs are being analyzed and suggestion for that drugs are being done in this sector. Listing the entire pharmacology will lead a long list as the above said are some of the major section in the type besides them there are many types. In the upcoming future they will keep on updating for today there are numerous study are being done and new types of drugs are being made. All this study is being done for the human safety, effectiveness, no side effects of a single drug or a multi mixing of drugs.