What Is Pharmacy Compounding

Nowadays, the demand of compounding pharmacists is increasing day by day. Before going to the details, let us discuss the meaning of the term “Pharmacy compounding”. Pharmacy compounding is the process of the customization of the medication prescription of the patients according to their specific needs.  In simple words, Pharmacy compounding is the process of the manufacturing of a new drug by mixing proper ingredients say, some other drugs. Compounding pharmacists constitute a specific group of well trained and efficient pharmacists.

In many cases, it is seen that medicines in their original form doesn’t do any effect in patients. Here, comes the need of pharmacy compounding. The primary lessons of compounding are taken in the pharmacy schools. But this, compounding is not an easy task; it requires good training as well as efficiency. Compounding pharmacy is legally approved in almost all the countries. In some hospitals, this compounding is done because of the unavailability of a particular drug. Usually, this process is done on request of the concerned physician.

Nowadays, compounding pharmacy has become an inevitable section in all the pharmaceuticals which includes a group of pharmacists who were well trained to do the mixing of appropriate dosage of drugs upon need.  This process is widely used because its helps in the reduction of the burden of producing multiple pills on a large scale. Today, people are very much bothered about the intake of multiple pills, so they prefer a single remedy, this fact also contributed to the growing popularity of pharmacy compounding.

Usually compounding is done for different reasons like changing the physical condition of a drug like converting a pill to syrup or vice versa, and when a patient is allergic to a particular pill, or to enhance the effect of a particular drug etc. It is not possible to use the compounded drug as soon as it is manufactured, that is, before being used, it should be legally certified.

 It is seen that, some simple level of compounding can be done by any pharmacist. But when it comes in the case of complex drugs, experienced hands are needed. Pharmacy compounding can also be opted for some interesting things like, making drugs of favorite flavours, especially in the case of syrups for kids. Compounding pharmacy can be widely used to avoid the associated side effects of the commercial pills. The most important thing that is to be followed while compounding is that, just like the prescription from the concerned doctor, the written permission of the concerned patient is also essential. So it is well clear that the importance of compounding pharmacy will increase day by day because of its enormous positive effects in the curing of various diseases.