What Is Phentermine

Phentermine is a kind of drug which belongs to phenethylamine group. It is used as an appetite suppressor and works by a psycho stimulating action. This type of medication is helpful for over weighted persons to reduce obesity by releasing special chemicals to control appetite. Thus, it is generally prescribed by the doctors to the people who become medically insecure because of their extra weight for a short time period.  Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of phentermine for the first time in 1959 as an appetite suppressor. FDA suggests the intake of this medicine for about three months along with exercise and balanced diet to reduce obesity.

Phentermine works by stimulating the hypothalamus part of a brain. This part of human brain is responsible to give rise to appetite. The suggested drug stimulates the adrenal gland to secrete a hormone called non-epinephrine; this hormone behaves as a chemical messenger to control hunger. Phentermine also works for breaking down of stored fat by the action of released epinephrine. Still the main objective of the drug is to deduce hunger.

The drug is medically prescribed in order to lose weight by an obese person. It may be helpful to avoid the conditions of high blood pressure, blockage of arteries due to increased cholesterol and the problem of diabetes etc. But, it cannot be taken for a long time for better health because it affects the working of Central Nervous System.  Phentermine should be used just for the sake of weight reduction. It should never be taken excessively as it may lead to the condition of drug addiction. It also affects the thoughts of people psychologically. Thus, a person should be aware during the consumption of related drug and be aware during driving or any other work which needs to be alert.

One should remember that phentermine is only a part of weight reduction program and it can be just used as a stimulant. It is useful only if taken along with proper exercise and healthy life style. Phentermine is a kind of drug to which the person can become addicted unintentionally. One should be aware of dosage of the drug and need not to stop taking it immediately. It can give rise to undesired symptoms. Thus, gradual reduction of dosage of the drug should be followed by stopping its intake finally. The person who is suffering from any heart disease, hypertension, coronary stress or hyperthyroidism should not take this kind of drug. One should avoid taking alcohol during the medication of phentermine. Pregnant women and breast feeder mother should consult to the doctor before taking this drug.