What is Philanthropy

Philanthropy is basically a term which defines the love towards the humanity. And the person who makes an effort for the well being of the humanity is known as Philanthropist. A philanthropist can make an effort by giving his time for the society and also by donating some amount of money for any charity fund or for any orphanage.

The term Philanthropy is developed by the Greeks. The term Philanthropy is invented by combining two Greek words which are Philos, which is defined as loving in many ways such as by caring or nourishing for the development and enhancement of anything, and the second word was Anthropos, which is meant to be human being. So by combining these words we get the word Philanthropy which means love for the human being or humanity.

But a philanthropist should be very much specific to make his effort for a reasonable cause. One should not give their time or money for funding any social activity such as giving funds for an art gallery instead of funding any orphanage or any NGO.

A philanthropist may also be known as a person volunteering for any social cause by giving donations to any funds, trust or any organization for the development of humanity. It is generally a spark which is required in every human being worldwide for helping others and reacts kindly to any issue which can improve the quality of life. Philanthropy is adopted by several countries as an educational ideal for the purpose of excellence in the living.

There are some philanthropy techniques which are adopted by the businesses. They are known as corporate philanthropy. Corporate philanthropy helps to increase the reputation of the company in the market, by making a different department for the philanthropy, in which the planning used for the development of the business activities and the social responsibility are combined and making a way through these strategies for a better impact on the company as well as on the costumers. This is also known as Strategic Philanthropy.

The corporate philanthropy can be done several ways such as by sponsoring any event of colleges, by sponsoring a kid’s sports team, by the contribution of coffee at any big event, or by creating any program where groups can distribute their coupons for the promotion of marketing. This happens when a supporter of any group will purchase any item from your company, the group will be gifted some part of the sales.

The others techniques of philanthropy are government and business philanthropies. In the government philanthropy, the initiation is done by the public servants for the well being of public, whereas, in the business philanthropy the effort is done by businesses for the business activities.