What is Philosophy

Philosophy is also a kind of science that can be applied in any field of life; however, the basic difference between philosophy and any other science is that there is no universal rules and formula to calculate philosophy of different aspect. The fact is that when an idea or thought come to the fore, it can either go with traditional knowledge about that particular aspect or of the same genre, and at the same time, it may have different philosophy to depict. Different people have different philosophy of leading life and they use to develop it according to their own wish and choice.

The facts about philosophy:

It is hard to define the term philosophy in a few words or in a quotation or no such logic is there that can describe the meaning of the word philosophy. It is better to get the meaning of the word in fragments instead of binding it in a few words.

  • Philosophy is neither a belief nor a wish
  • It can hardly be said that philosophy is single theory of a particular topic

Then what is it actually? After a huge controversy on this topic “what is philosophy” a few experts has succeeded to come to the conclusion that philosophy is a unique style of thinking that can be similar with others thinking or can be different as well. When individual thinking about different aspect of life comes to the fore, it becomes a philosophy. Sometime a scientist’s philosophy differs a lot from a politician’s one, but sometime they may try to solve different problem following the same philosophy.

Other aspects pf philosophy:

Philosophy has been interpreted as different things in respect of different aspects. In general, philosophy reflects contemporary culture as a whole. The universal philosopher Socrates described the word philosophy as “love of wisdom” that means philosophy gives the impression of a person who is in search of wisdom, more than one who has already came across it. The means and aspects of philosophy have shifted a lot depending on the cultural condition of all ages. Purpose of following philosophy is to attain the true knowledge of every aspect more than concluding, following a particular formula or logic. Philosophy as a process of thinking is quite comprehensive and critical and it will be not wrong if we say it is:

  • Both theoretical and practical
  • Empirical and logical
  • Synthetic and analytic as well

Branches of philosophy:

Philosophy as a subject to study has its different branches and logic is a main branch of philosophy. Logic is actually the study of the ideology of correct reasoning and valid presumption. Nowadays, the subject logic is being divided in two main branches- philosophical logic and mathematical logic. To conclude it can be said that philosophy is a study of thought that aims to criticize meanings, uses of different words, assumptions, theories and beliefs applying particular logic.