What is Phlebotomy

In general terms phlebotomy is the art of removing blood from the body of a human being or an animal. This includes the art of making incision in a vein for the purpose of the blood removal. Phlebotomy can be done only by a certified phlebotomist. Not everybody can do that. There are courses available to become a phlebotomist. The blood is extracted using a needle.

Phlebotomy can be done for various reasons. The most common reason why phlebotomy is done is to check the person’s blood. When a blood test is done for a person the physician uses the needle to draw the blood from the patient’s body .this blood is then studied and the defects if any in the blood are known. By this the diseases in the patients’ body can also be known.

Phlebotomy is also done in the case when blood transfusion is required. Blood transfusion is when the blood is taken out from one person’s body and then transferred to another person who might need it. When the blood is removed from the first person’s body it is through the process of phlebotomy. The transfusion in the other body is not a part of phlebotomy.

There can be a few patients who require having phlebotomy in order to stay in a fit condition. The example of such a patient is who has excess of iron in his body. In this situation the blood has to be regularly removed from his body. Such people need to have regular phlebotomy sessions.

After a session of phlebotomy the person may feel weak and dizzy for a certain period of time. There may be a tired feeling after even a small amount of blood is removed from the body. Hence it is necessary that the phlebotomist is good. He should be calm and should be able to handle the patient in case there is a problem.

Though it sounds like a small thing, phlebotomy plays an important role in the field of medicals. This is the reason most of the doctors and nurses are given training on phlebotomy. There are certain equipments that are required for phlebotomy to take place. Once these are in order the phlebotomist has to make sure of the position in which the blood is to be taken out. It has to be carefully done as the process can be harmful at times. Hygiene should also taken care of.

In all phlebotomy is the art of removing blood from the human body or any other animal. It is done in order to test the blood by a certified phlebotomist with the right equipments.