What Is Phlegm

When talking about Phlegm, it suddenly appears in mind what people say about its benefits into human wellbeing. As a matter of fact, it’s a way to protect the respiratory system against any threats. When snorted out, you will see virus, lifeless bacteria and mucous, cells, and tissue cells trapped on this body liquid. What distinguishes it from mucous? Phlegm is actually from the lunges not nasal pathways. It indicates the immune system of body still works out in attempt on shielding the body from the attack of dangerous invaders such as bacteria and virus.

When Phlegm tries so hard to protect body against dangerous attackers like virus and bacteria, it often causes unpleasant experience. You suffer cough and create loud noise when secreting this odor liquid. In public room, it often causes uncomfortable experience. If you feel a bit embarrassing with it, there are several ways to rescue your life from this bad experience.

  • Cut out smoking
    It is very difficult to do for heavy smokers. They must stop this habit for preventing an aggravated condition. In most cases, it leads bronchial damage and lung. Smoking actually weakens an ability to withstand against any virus and bacteria; even it triggers excessive production of mucous that will make this suffer prolonged. Check the color of Phlegm you have secreted, if it turns to grayish or brownish liquid, it’s a sign that you must quit smoking without any compromise.
  • Heal up the infection
    If your sinus is infected by virus, find the efficient treatment as soon as possible to kill the virus. If left ignored, it will aggravate respiratory system. Normally the mucous will be circulated by the body through saliva. The presence of strange invaders will block up the normal pathway of mucous. This results an accumulation of Phlegm. Thus, take immediate medication to halt this infection.
  • Expectorant
    Among other medicines, expectorant is considered as the best medicine for treating Phlegm in the respiratory system. The common expectorant is usually formulated from bromhexine and guaifenesin for effectively reduce the excessive Phlegm. Please notice before taking this medication you need to consult with a physician for right dosage.
  • Drink plenty of water
    A natural treatment to every unhealthy condition is water. Keep up drinking the recommended portion of water every day to reduce Phlegm and clear up the mucus from any threats. It is also effective to reduce the buildup of mucus.
  • Herbal medication
    If you want to have safe medication without suffering any side effects, the herbal medication can be the way to go. Herbal tea brings a relief and unblocks the respiratory system.
  • Phlegm, just spit it out!
    Please don’t ever swallow the Phlegm. It already contains virus and bacteria that must be thrown away. This natural liquid contains glycoproteins and immunoglobulins to kill any invaders that potentially put the body into danger.
  • Eucalyptus oil
    This oil is a herb medication that could relieve an aggravated respiratory system. If mixed up with boiled water, it turns to be an effective way to lift up the burden in the respiratory system. Just mix three drops of eucalyptus oil into water and dip the towel into it. Put nearby nose and take a deep breath to experience fresh air. It is effective to trigger the Phlegm out.

By applying the abovementioned tips, it ends the suffer of cough and Phlegm as soon as possible.