What Is Phonological Awareness

Phonological awareness could be identified in even a two years old baby. Generally, it happens so when the kid is about three years old. Especially during the successive years the phonological awareness accelerates rapidly though. There is a specific pattern in which the awareness develops. It is not a linear sequence of development, but rather the development is such that the refining process happens on one side while the learning process or the acquisition of the new skills happens on the other side. The overall articulator capacity of the individual will depend upon the phonological awareness capability of the individual basically.

Communication disorder noticed in the children are most of the times due to the simple fact that they are not blessed with great phonological awareness. It could be treated to a certain extent with practice but they cannot get the coherence in speech as that of the normal individuals. Perception of speech is also categorized under the phonological awareness ability in an individual. Having said that naturally the verbal interim memory is also correlated to the phonological awareness ability. When a child has a greater disability in reading and spelling it might be due to the lack of this particular ability in the kid.

Under most of the circumstance, strong readers are those candidates that also have a stronger phonological awareness on the other hand.  The converse is also quite true, the poor readers are not that able handed with the phonological awareness. It is the kinder garden school which predicts or determines the candidate’s ability in the upcoming school years of the individual. Instructions given to the individuals on literacy will significantly show marked improvements in the phonological awareness of the candidate.

Over a period of time when adequate maturity is developed this strong relationship of phonological awareness and that of the reading skills will tend to change. There are many reasons behind that. The individuals personal interest and in what path he streamlines his attention and focus and a lot of other factors affect the further development of the reading skills.

While naturally a person with adequate phonological awareness can hone the skills of such a kind to betterment and shine to be a great orator eventually. It is called as the gift of the gab. Simply put, the phonological awareness is the auditory skill of the individual. It could be developed by means of getting used to a variety of activities. These activities tend to expose the individuals to the structure of the sound irrespective of the language, and will facilitate them to recognize the sound patterns easily in due course of time.

Eventually, over a period of time, they will be able to rightly identify and manipulate the sound syllables accordingly. The foundation for the phonological awareness is well laid by the listening skills in the individual.  The ability of the candidate to concentrate and focus to listen to the speech of the instructors, right from the early years of babyhood will enhance the phonological awareness of the individual.