What is PHP

PHP stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a server side scripting language in which the scripts are executed on the server. In 1994, PHP was designed as a small set of binaries used to collect some basic site traffic data. In 1997 the parser was rewritten by two Israelis and the name was changed to PHP.

The results of the executed scripts are handed over to the user, and displayed in the browser. PHP can also send HTTP headers. A person can set cookies, manage authentication, and redirect users. It offers excellent connectivity to many databases (and ODBC), and integration with various external libraries which helps the user in doing everything from generating PDF documents to parsing XML.

PHP is free to download and use that’s why it is so popular among Web hosting companies. A vast majority of Web hosting accounts support PHP. PHP runs on different platforms such as Windows, Linux and UNIX etc… It is compatible with almost all servers used today. It can also be easily learnt and also runs efficiently on the server side. The PHP engine is the code that is there on the Web server.

Some of the advantages of PHP are:-

Open source language: i.e. free and can be installed without paying anything. HTML Integration: PHP code can be easily embedded in the HTML coding and this allows the server to process any particular web pager even before it is displayed on the web browser and also results in processing faster. It is very simple to learn and use: As compared to other languages, PHP framework is very easy and simple to learn and is therefore preferred by people across the world. It can be customized It Supports Versatility: Its versatility makes it compatible on all OS variants such as Mac OS, Windows, and Linux etc…and can work well with html, output html and JavaScript, etc… It has strong Browser Support: PHP provides excellent compatibility to web browsers. The content developed on this framework offers quicker navigation with efficient page loading as its processing speed is quite fast. It is secure. There is a huge network of help and tutorials: This helps in learning PHP easily and the programmer can even sort out problems by searching over the internet without having any need of anyone’s guidance.

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