What Is Physical Abuse

This is mostly related to the term domestic violence and can occur to anyone irrespective of the age, gender, size, birth, strength and weaknesses. This is a problem that is more often overlooked and is true especially when the abuse is psychological rather than being emotional. Emotional abuse although minimal can leave deep scars that last for the life time of the individual. Identifying the signs and the symptoms of domestic abuse or physical abuse is the best way to fight it and also put an end to it. There should be absolutely no fear for the person whom one loves. However, if it so happens then it is time to identify that it is a form of a physical abuse and help should be sought at. 

The most common forms of physical abuse are the domestic abuse, also referred to as the spousal abuse and the child abuse. The spousal abuse occurs when one of the members in an intimate relationship tends to dominate and thus control the other person. This domestic abuse also involves physical dealings with the person and thus is also referred to as physical violence. Domestic violence is used for the sole purpose of dominating and gaining control over the person. Mostly, people who physically abuse tend to use terms of fear, shame, guilt and intimidation and try to keep the other person down.

Be it an intersexual relationship or a relationship between the same sex, physical abuse occurs in all age groups, specific age ranges, economic groups, ethnic backgrounds and more. Mostly, it is the women who are common victims and physically tortured as well. The ultimate line is that abusive behavior is never doing to discriminate itself, be it a man, a woman, an adult or a teen. Irrespective of whatsoever, it is apparent that an individual demands respect and well being to be treated at.

There are several levels of this abuse ranging from violence to abuse. While physical abuse is the most dangerous form of abuse, the emotional and the psychological contact and impact are more severe. These types of emotional abuse can destroy the individual’s self respect, lead to anxiety, depression and thus make the individual feel helpless and all alone. In such an instant, the individual should take steps to break free and thus recognize that the situation is abusive. Once this situation is realized, then appropriate help can be sought.

With child abuse, the most common forms are teasing the child, sexual harassment, inflicting minor injuries on the child and more. Be it even scolding the child through word of mouth and inflicting an emotional pain on the child can be termed as a physical abuse. There are several agencies across the world who are actively involved in the curbing of such forms of abuse, nevertheless, it is would lie in the hands of the individuals to identify them and seek help at the appropriate time to end up such forms of physical abuse.