What Is Pica

Living on earth is fun and gives a way to enjoy delicious dishes anytime people want. Besides for the sake of pleasure, they are contented with a variety of meals that bring nutrition for body metabolism and energy. Yet those go with edible foods to enjoy the pleasing tastes and are not involved with famed disease related to eating disorder, Pica. Have you ever heard about Pica? This eating disorder influences people to eat unhealthy substances such as chalk, detergent and glue and so on. This issue commonly strikes kids.

Normally in the growing stages, kids have big curiosity to things around them. They observe any surrounding items and love to put them on mouth, especially colorful items such as chalk and crayon. Without supervision of parents, it will be dangerous for kids to behave this way. Parents must be there for toddlers in making sure they are safe and preventing eating disorder. However when this eating disorder remains though the kids grow up, this urgent condition calls for immediate treatment of Pica. Based on recent studies, it hints up to 30% of kids are identified with Pica disease.

The causes of Pica disease

The curiosity about causes of Pica remains question mark. In fact, specific reasons of Pica haven’t been discovered and clearly explained. Probably Pica disease occurs after malnutrition, bad parenting, toxication, vitamin deficiency, autism, and so on.

Ways to prevent this eating disorder

It’s good to know some people want to learn about the prevention of Pica disorder. They already understand the danger comes after being involved with this eating disorder and prevention is a good way to overcome this fear.

  • Keep Parental Supervision Upon Kids
    It’s a crucial tip for every parent who is trapped with crazy business. They should take time to care for kids and not give trust to babysitter who have no blood relationship with kids, when they play sands at beach, be sure they don’t put them into mouth. Let them explore happiness while playing sand but not chewing them up.
  • Teach Your Kids about what to eat and not to eat!
    Kids are still clueless about anything goes around them. They can distinguish between edible and inedible things. Therefore as time goes by, teach them about edible things and leave inedible ones. They slowly learn about it and Pica disorder will be soon relieved.
  • Keep dangerous items at home out of kid’s reach
    At home, a lot of things should be classified as dangerous and safe items for kids. Like household chemicals, they should be out of reach. Kids who are curious about these chemicals may want to taste it. be careful, Pica is among the kids.
  • Give supplement to kids
    It is necessary to supply nutritional supplement for kids. It’s an effective way to treat Pica among kids.
  • Take prompt action when kids look bored
    When they are bored, seek their attention and live up their mood
  • Check up the health
    With the help of pediatrician, you can observe current health of kid and check possible occurrence of malnutrition. Why should we ask pediatrician’s help? They can detect the deficiency of zinc which becomes first reason of Pica.

By learning more about factors and preventive methods of pica, you’ll be smarter parents when education and nurturing kids.