What is Pink Eye

Pinkeye is also known as Conjunctivitis which is a swelling of the clear membrane called as conjunctiva. The clear membrane usually covers whiter area of the eye and also the eyelids inner surface.

Causes of a Pink Eye Infection :

  • Many viruses and bacteria that are responsible for ear, sinus, and throat infections are also equally responsible to increase the chances of getting inflicted with a pink eye disease.
  • Allergy is another major cause of a pink eye. Allergies can be triggered through different kinds of scents, grasses, dusty mites, dander of animals, ragweed pollens etc.
  • Different chemicals like chlorine and air pollutants like fumes or smoke substance can irritate the eyes and cause pinkeye disease.
  • A new born baby can be easily inflicted with a pink eye disease if the mother is diagnosed with a STD (a sexually transmitted disease) at the time of baby’s birth. This is mainly due to the reason that different viruses and bacteria can pass into the eyes of a baby and cause Conjunctivitis. 

Symptoms of Pink Eye

Symptoms may vary from person to person. A person may experience eye discomfort, itchiness, pain and redness in the eye. In some cases there is an eye discharge that will cause the eyelids to stick especially during the morning hours. Some people will complaint of swollen eyelids and even a high sensitivity to intense lights.

Contagiousness of the Pink eye :

Pink eye caused due to allergies and environmental reasons is generally non-contagious, while, that caused due to bacteria and several viruses is contagious. During the summer season, if the child swims in the water that is contaminated with chemicals and water pollutants, he or she is more likely to get infected with a pink eye disease. Any person or a child who comes in contact with an infected person can easily get the pink eye infection. It is for this reason that the doctors usually recommends infected people including the children to remain indoors.

Prevention of a Pink Eye disease:

Pink eye can be prevented by maintaining a good personal hygiene like:

  • Washing your hands and face with warm and soapy water after getting in contact with an infected person.
  • Avoid sharing infected persons eye drops, eye makeup set, towels, clothes and pillows.
  • Separately washing the linens and clothes of the child infected with a pink eye.
  • Avoiding the entry of dust and pollution that contains many allergy triggers promoting a pink eye infection.

Pinkeye is a common disease that does not cause any damage to the vision. However, children who get infected with a pink eye must be provided immediate medical treatment.