What Is Placenta Shampoo

Shampoo is used by millions of people around the world to keep their hair clean among other uses. Placenta shampoo is one type of shampoo that is contains either plant or animal products in the formula. Most of the times the products are added by the makers in an effort to convince the buyer that the shampoo which contains proteins will make the hair look shinier. However no substantial evidence has been adduced to show that addition of proteins in the shampoo will make the hair look shinier. Probably this is just one of the many manufacturers’ gimmicks to keep the clients buying the products in the name of a shinier hair made possible by their particular brand of shampoo.

Placenta shampoo is note very popular around the world and is mostly used in Spanish speaking countries; other major stores in the US stock the products mostly for the Hispanic market. Whenever people hear of the word placenta they get turned off thinking that it could be associated with human placenta. This can be understood as no one would expect to come across the word placenta on a shampoo bottle. This has led to most people wondering whether the shampoo has been made using human placenta as one of the products

In some products of the shampoo sheep placenta was used as one of the products to make the shampoo. This was done with the belief that the protein in the placenta was ideal for human hair which is why the manufacturer are likely to claim that the protein in their brand of shampoo will make the hair shinier. This notion of a shinier hair from shampoo that is made from sheep placenta is derived from the observation that most women have shinier hair when they are expectant.

Apart from the products being derived from the placenta of a sheep other brands derive the same proteins from plants. A plant’s placenta is located underneath the pistil and provides nourishment to the fruit in the process of development. This protein is gathered from the plants and used as part of making the shampoo which is said to contain placenta though from plants. In other instances the manufacturers don’t specify where they gathered the placenta from  as long as they mention on the label of the product that the shampoo contains placenta which helps the hair to thicken and get shinier .Experts in the beauty industry who have critically examined these issues argue that it’s only the placenta  which is responsible for giving the hair a shinier and thicker look but also other products have the same ability part from this particular protein gathered from animals and plants. Therefore anyone who needs a fuller and shinier hair can use any of the hair products which may not necessarily contain placenta products and get the same results.