What is Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a medical course of action which involves the repair, restoration or upgrading of lost, injured, defective body parts. Some people suppose that in plastic surgery actual plastic parts are applied onto human body. But here plastic doesn’t mean any substance rather it is a way to form or mold any parts of body.

In this surgery cosmetic and reconstructive procedures are used. The aspiration of both the procedures is to remove the patients appearance and help to augment his confidence.

Reconstructive: – in this procedure birth defects are corrected which can be cleft lips, ear deformities. The traumatic injuries which can be due to accident or any other cause like dog bite or burns can also be corrected through it. Women which had surgery for breast cancer her breast can be rebuild through reconstructive surgery.

Cosmetic or aesthetic:- some parts of particular human are not in proper shape. So, they lack confidence and there is inferiority complex in them due to appalling shape of some organs. So, to amend the part of body with which a person is not contented cosmetic surgery is performed. Common procedures that are involved in it are:- Making breasts larger or smaller. Reshaping the nose. Removing fats from specific portions of the body. Laser operation can be done to remove unwanted hair from the skin. Flatten the abdomen. Fill in balding area with one’s own hair. Remove facial wrinkles or acne scars.

This surgery is adopted many celebrities to look younger, prettier and thinner. In early times, this surgery was concealed by the person who had it. But now-a-days, this surgery is acknowledged and even encouraged. There are even television reality shows about it.

The person who is interested in plastic surgery should get a acquaintance about the risks involved in it because although it is for improving one’s appearance but still it is a surgery. So, the recommendations of doctor are indispensable. In this surgery if any catastrophe occurs then recovery is complete with pain and there is leeway of infection also.

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