What Is Pneumothorax

When your lungs develop an opening then it leads to a buildup of excess gases causing a condition called Pneumothorax. This can make the lungs to disintegrate once it becomes impossible to hold the large amounts of escaped air and death will occur in worst situations. In case you have been suffering from any lung infection in the past then you will be more likely to suffer from Pneumothorax since the structural organization of the organ have been weakened thus making it easy to collapse.

Pneumothorax usually occurs in two main forms depending on a couple of factors. The first one is primary Pneumothorax which will in most cases come out of your own volition. There is no known cause for this form of the condition and not even a single lung complication can be associated with the condition. Treatment for this form of Pneumothorax is usually difficult. The other form is secondary Pneumothorax. This is one that occurs encouraged by another lung disease that one has been suffering from. This makes its treatment very easy but might be complicated by the nature of the existing disease.

The Main Symptoms and Causes of Pneumothorax

There are many symptoms that you can look out for in determining whether you are suffering from Pneumothorax but this will be dependent on its nature as well as development stage. Your breath will be greatly affected while the chest will experience unending pain which will all lead to one feeling tired all the time. Since there is limited supply of oxygen to the body, your skin will develop discoloration since your blood will be deficient of enough pigments that bring about the color formation. Furthermore, your heart rate will increase drastically leading to a high blood pressure and consequently death if not treated early.

You might get it difficult determining the right causes of Pneumothorax but there are those which come out clearly very early which you can look out for. Diseases like tuberculosis and asthma which mainly revolve around ones breathing system can cause this condition. A person suffering from whooping cough will also have higher chances of suffering Pneumothorax therefore make sure you can treat these complications anytime you notice them. Increased pressure in the lungs will equally lead to the development of Pneumothorax as well as chest trauma which should also be treated immediately.

Diagnosis for Pneumothorax

Never go for a physical examination of Pneumothorax since that is a very poor way of diagnosing this condition. There have been no instances to prove its effectiveness thus you will have to opt for an x-ray or a scan which will give you better results. In addition, never seek these services from a bogus medical practitioner but focus on a legally registered professional to handle your medical issues as far as diagnosing Pneumothorax is concerned. In case you will require some treatment then do not go for the over-the-counter drugs that are not prescribed since they have many side effects that will obviously bring you down once you use the drugs.