What Is Pollen

Similar to the sperms of animals and human being, Pollen are the male reproductive parts of the plants that are used by the nature regularly by transmission for reproducing the plants, alongwith their other organs, through pollination or fertilization process. This process of transmission of male cells is performed in various styles that include transmission through insects, wind, animal fur and human clothes and hands. These can be the source of active transmission of male cells of plants that can help in their reproduction on various locations.

Pollens are severally misunderstood as allergens. Most of the pollens which are bigger in size are considered to be the cause of allergies to some of the people but the pollens smaller in size with less visibility property may also cause allergies as they are more competent to travel through the inhaling system of the human being and can show adverse effect such as hayfever after reacting with the human system.

Plants, grass or trees are not the only source of these pollens but there can be other sources like weeds etc. which may cause allergies to the people who are sensitive to these pollens to cause hayfever or similar other illnesses. The cells produced by plants, trees and grass are usually considered as the main source of allergies experienced by the human being.

People experience allergies from pollens directly implies that they are sensitive to these cells which come in to their contact and produce histamine content in response to the cells inhaled through breathing. The respiratory system of human being shows various signs of allergy such as coughing, runny or itchy nose, itchy eyes, post-nasal drip, occasionally asthma, and many more, when he is exposed to these cells which cause irritation with the membranes of mucus. Such symptoms are called to be of hayfever though he may neither be allergic to hay nor he may feel feverish in such conditions.

Allergies through pollens are usually experienced in the seasons of summer, spring or rain when these cells are normally released by the trees, grasses and plants in order to reproduce their species. But most of them spread haphazardly to cause other ailments than reproducing other plants of their quality. They, on the other hand enter to the respiratory system of several people to cause them seasonal allergies in the nose or throats etc. to be known as pollen allergies.

Most of the time people are not aware of the cause of their allergies as they are caused by the cells of which plants. The most effective method of protecting your own is to keep away from wind etc, the carriers of these pollens, in the season which are more sensitive for you.

Thus, Pollen are the male cells of plants, trees or grass that are used by nature for their reproduction and also cause allergies to some people.