What is Pollution  

Pollution is a serious issue that affects our surrounded environment in many ways and leave negative impacts on the body and mind of human beings- who are the best part of environment. However, human being only is polluting the worldwide environment everyday. Their careless attitude and craving for faster and rash life cause threat to the environment and pollutes it. The maximum uses of petrochemical devices are polluting air, the land and the water bodies and if it continues, it will be difficult to prevent mother earth from erosion. Pollution is of different types like water pollution, land pollution and air pollution. All of them are big threats for the society and the planet and it is important to make people aware of the negative impact of any kind of pollution so that we can check the abnormal uses of harmful materials to live healthy life and to go green once again.

Causes of land pollution:

Land pollution is a major issue nowadays. Excessive use of chemicals and other harmful elements is polluting the soil everyday and the result is we are being victim of different fatal diseases frequently. Here are a few major reasons of land pollution:

  • The development of numerous oil refineries cause land pollution at large
  • Nowadays, various nuclear and chemical plants are coming to the fore to get a new resource of power and energy. Well. This approach is harming the land and polluting it.
  • Industrial factories release harmful chemicals on land everyday and the result is soil erosion and extreme pollution of land.

Apart from the above-mentioned causes, littering, deforestation, human sewage, mining, antifreeze and oil leaking from vehicles, overcrowded landfills and construction debris contribute a lot in land pollution. As the population is increasing explosively the rate of using these elements is also increasing and polluting the land in many ways.

Causes of air polluted:

Air pollution is also a vital issue that affects our daily and normal life leading. Air is being polluted due to the accretion of several dangerous elements in the atmosphere that caused danger to both human life and to other alive matters on earth as well. Let’s check out what are the major sources of air pollution:

  • Excessive burning of coals increases the amount of CO2 in air and pollutes it.
  • Emission of automobile derbies every minute disturbs natural balance of air and pollutes it.
  • Due to the maximum use of chemicals, the cloud can’t form properly and it results in acid rain, which is also an important source of air pollution.

The other causes of air pollution are- tobacco smoking, paint fumes, power plants, large ships, nuclear weapons, aerosol sprays, wild fires, manufacturing of multistoried building etc.

The affect of pollution on poles:

Pollution has extended its clutches on remote areas and both the human and the animals in two poles- South and north are in danger. The seals and the polar bears are dying every moment due to the uses of chemicals. Even the life of the penguins is also in threat.

The only ways to reduce pollution is to be aware of the impacts of pollution. As we are polluting the earth everybody, we only can find a way out to prevent pollution.

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