What Is Polyuria

Generally, a normal human being urinates near about 2.5 liters. A child may urinate less than this amount as he takes in lesser fluids than adults. However, we should keep apart children’s urination apart as the problem about which we are discussing occurs in adults only. When a person urinates more than 2.5 liters unusually for some days, the condition is referred to as Polyuria. It should not be considered as a disease because it is not a disease or disorder of any type but actually it is a symptom of some diseases which may be very serious. This symptom generally occurs in adults and not in children. In fact, the chances of having this symptoms increase with the age of a person as it affects people who have grown old like people over 35-40 years of age.

You may be thinking that times may occur when people urinate more than 2.5 liters without having any disease. It is true that a general person may pee bit more than this general limit but if it continues for some days or weeks then it is surely Polyuria. A person who is suffering from this symptom needs to go to toilet very frequently and in some cases this happens even more during night. At night, the person may wake up very frequently for urinating and sometimes they are unable to judge or react quickly due to which they may pee in the bed itself. This usually happens with aged people, like people of more than 60 years of age as their body loses some level of sensitiveness and reacting power.

As Polyuria is a symptom, it cannot have its symptoms for sure but it has causes. In other words, Polyuria is caused due to several problems that occur in humans. Diabetes is the most common and important cause of this symptom because diabetes is a very serious disease which has the ability to destroy the normal life of a person. It requires quick medical attention and treatment or else it goes up to an increased level. Polyuria may happen in this disease along with Polydipsia which is the excess intake of fluids for some days. Many times Polydipsia occurs along with Polyuria because the body needs more fluid as excessive fluids is released from the body. Other causes of Polyuria are insomnia, sleep apnea, excessive fluid intake and congestive heart failure.

It doesn’t have its own specific treatment as it is a symptom of other disease. Generally doctors prescribe certain test and physical examinations in order to detect some problems and they proceed accordingly. It gets treated itself in the process of treatment of main problem.