What is Positive Psychology

 Positive psychology is human behavioral science, which is based upon fact, and those fact are backboned by scientific reasons.  Positive psychology is tested and result oriented research study of human mental position or condition. Positive psychology and positive thinking are two different terms; positive thinking is subset and base of positive psychology. Positive psychology is the scientific study of what makes life most worth living. 

It is a science of  human strengths, which make human move towards adoption of positive behavior with changes in perspective.  Human nature does not always show optimism towards life and attitude changes according to our thinking and surround world.  Positive thinking supports to eliminate the negativity among us and develop society with positive energy to fight against problems and think more optimistic.

Criminal mind of human makes society disastrous with increase in usage of habitual drugs and committing crimes with negative psychology.  Increase in depression and anxiety among human killing all positive psychology to live better life.  The world is drowning to a stage where maximum number of people are facing problem with depression.  Positive psychology comes with positive emotions and traits that helps to combat own problems and issue of life.  One need to have confidence to drive positive energy, which helps self development and brings more hope to live better life and we start looking life more positive vibes.  Optimism depends upon how we have recognized our past, which is a source of energy and confidence.  If we are satisfied with past, we look forward for more meaning future with hopes of happiness and positive emotions.

Positive psychology is researched based science applied on human behavior and their attitude towards life.  Most people are inclined towards adoption of new phase of life with creativity and positive thoughts that makes their life worth living.  They have to bounce back from any loss incurred during past life; otherwise, it would never be possible to adjust your life with changing world.  A scientific theory on positive psychology depicts that positive emotions seeks shift from treatment to prevention methodology.

Prevention comes with learning from treatment.  If we have incurred any loss or suffered in life, we try to treat that loss and overcome with a sign of alert to commit similar loss in future, that’s bring prevention methodology in place.  We would be prepared to face similar incident and that calls for positive psychology.

One of the most common myths about psychology is that it is just “common sense.”  Common sense is normal and natural behavior, which does not require any scientific method to judge, whereas study on psychology is purely based on defined scientific methods to derive conclusions.  A Psychologist applies different types of techniques to study the human mind and behavior, which includes natural observations, application of case studies and filling up defined questionnaires.