What is Post-Nasal Drip

Now that winter has completely set in, it is quite common for people to fall prey to cold and coughs. These may take place due to the cold winds which we will breathe in at every second’s notice. Such problems of cough and cold can be easily treated with some cough syrups and Vapor-Rub of course. They can treat the simple causes of such problems. However, there are some cold and cough problems, which are quite complex. They may be harmless and benign. However, they may also irritate the patients for a long time. One such problem is the trouble of post-nasal drip. Let’s try to understand the problem in detail.

The disease of Post-nasal drip deals with problems which will occur in the throat or the nose. The main catalyst in the problem is that is accumulated mucus. The mucus is actually a secretion of the mucous. The mucous is usually to be found in the nostrils. When an excess of mucus is secreted, it may pass down to the throat or to the internals of the nose. The problem of Post-nasal drip may stem inevitably from the more common problems like rhinitis and sinusitis. These problems accelerate an excessive secretion of the mucus. With more mucus in the throat and nose, cold and cough would generally follow suit.

As with most cases of severe cold and cough, the problem of Post-nasal drip’s most common symptoms are the symptoms of coughing and sneezing. The cough may persist quite irritatingly for long till good treatment is rendered. Wheezing, which is generally related to the problem of asthma, can also occur as a symptom of Post-nasal drip. There might also be some more uncomfortable problems like difficulty in respiration or constant urge to swallow the mucus secreted. Thus further leads to a greater deposition of the mucus into the throat. Due to the excess mucus, the person may also suffer from bad breath also known as the problem of halitosis.

The treatment options for the problem of post-nasal drip is quite concise and comprehensive. One way is to remove the congested mucus from the nose and the throat. This can be done mainly with throat and nose decongestants and even antibiotic medicines and drugs. Antihistamines can be used to cure the problem, if it is caused by allergies. Another method of treatment is to douse the action of acids. This is by some medications, which will cure the acid reflux in the throat and the congested mucus in the nose. These methods of medical treatment will make the problem more mild and soon it will be solved.

The problem of post-nasal drip is something that irritates people a lot. The congestion in the throats can lead to persistent, if benign, cough. There will be also a lot of sneezing and wheezing. But these are not fatal problems. The problem of post-nasal drip is not anything fatal. But it is also important to cure the problem with the right options for medication and cure.


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