What Is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress disorder can start after these events result in psychological trauma due to inability of the individual of being unable to cope with the severe trauma. There are several symptoms of the Post traumatic Stress disorder or PTSD through which this disorder can be recognized. The person who is suffering from Post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD suffers from difficulty in staying or falling asleep, he experiences from anger over the trivial matter, he is always hyper vigilant. Apart from that, he continues to re-experience the main trauma through nightmares or flashbacks due to which he avoids the stimuli which is associated with the trauma. In this disorder, these symptoms can be seen for more than a month and impair the functioning of the sufferer in emotional, physical and mental areas. The events which can lead to the Post traumatic Stress disorder or PTSD can be anything, which cannot be coped by the mental ability of the victim.

1. If a person is physically or mentally abused in the childhood, he can suffer from the PTSD unless provided proper counseling.

2. People from the defense services, who have seen war and its violence commonly, suffer from the PTSD and exhibit all the symptoms of the Post traumatic Stress disorder which can be treated with the continued counseling.

3. Those women, who have suffered rape or assault, suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Their disorder is more pronounced as they don’t get any counseling. Moreover, the rape or the assault is considered as the stigma, so their plight does not come into light. Most of them are so depressed and unable to function that they resort to suicide.

If an individual witnesses some events that results in the deaths or the violation of the somebody else’s or one’s own physical, mental or sexual integrity or the threat of the violation, the individual person cannot cope mentally with these events and he develops severe psychological trauma. After that, if he is not provided with the proper counseling, with time he can be diagnosed with the Post traumatic stress disorder. PTSD cannot be completely cured but can be treated with the proper counseling and repeated debriefing.  There are some medicines, which can ease these symptoms to soothe the mind and give some peace to the sufferer. But they should be taken with the doctor’s prescription as these medicines are very dangerous and the sufferer can become an addict to these medicines.

Conclusion – With the increase in wars and the crimes like rape, mugging, robberies gone wrong and murders in the modern society, the post traumatic stress disorders in the modern society is increased considerably. But the tragedy is that, this disorder is not diagnosed properly and treated in today’s society.