What is Poverty

The definition of poverty is many, because this term is very volatile in nature. Hence we cannot have a single definition or meaning for poverty. It can have different meaning under the circumstances of a country. In general terms it can be understood as a condition in which people of a particular country are lacking for basic necessities in life. It may also mean that were people are forced to go without food, shelter and clothes.

It can also be conditions were in some group of people may have a house to live in, but lack of other essential things like food, medical facilities, adequate clothing etc.  In certain countries poverty can be defined only in terms of money. Like they may set a poverty line based on the income they earn, so people who live below this poverty line is considered to be poor. This is one way to evaluate people living below poverty line.

Again there are questions at what level this poverty line should be set. Because this depends on the country’s economic conditions. When a nation’s economic conditions changes drastically the valuations of poverty also changes according. We can take an example of our own country India for that matter, as petrol prices are skyrocketing people who come under the middle class sector has moved down further. So think about the people just above the poverty line, they would have definitely been pushed below the poverty line or they may not even think about driving a bike in the near future.

Another concern is that people who are working full time can never make it over the poverty line. Example being laborers who work on a full time on daily wages basis can never come above the poverty line. These people may be termed as working still poor; they may be getting wages for their work but still cannot provide their family basic necessities. The debate as to at what level the poverty line should be set is still an ongoing process in all nations, be it developed or underdeveloped.

Many countries are of the opinion that lack of money and resources is the only reason. But they did not realize that other factors can be a grave concern if not attended to. For example crime rates have increased these days just because people under the poverty line do not have even the most basic needs. There are many such concerns that are not attended to which can cause a lot of chronic issues to the economy.

Till today no country has defined the word poverty property, even the United Nations poverty measures have been regularly criticized by its economists and the government as well. This is because they have not taken steps to make a platform for measuring poverty and the factors that govern them. Though it is understood that it is a difficult research to make, since it directly depends on the economy of a nation, continuous efforts are still on to define poverty.