What is Preeclampsia

Every pregnant woman must take care of herself as the nine months of pregnancy are critical for her health as well as of the fetus. Psychology of woman changes with pregnancy and it might result in stress and tension. Females, who have a long history of chronic hypertension must avoid stress and take extra care. If a pregnant woman and her family fails to take care of her high blood pressure then it results in a condition known as Preeclampsia. Preeclampsia begins after 4 months of pregnancy and it medically described as hypertension and increase of protein in urine. Preeclampsia  usually affects the placenta and is potent enough to affect the kidneys, and liver of a pregnant women.

Seizures caused by Preeclampsia open the gates to another condition which is called Eclampsia. Eclampsia is one of the leading causes of miscarriages and maternal death. Preeclampsia can lead to premature delivery which increases complication for the new born baby.

Causes of Preeclampsia

A general survey showed that first time pregnant woman are likely to develop Preeclampsia. Yet, there are many factors which can lead to Preeclampsia. Obesity prior to pregnancy is one factor which leads to Preeclampsia. Chronic high blood pressure is another causes of Preeclampsia. Women, who had preeclampsia in their first pregnancy must take extra care as they are prone to develop it again. A pregnancy which has two or more fetus then the mother becomes prone to get Preeclampsia.    

Symptoms of Preeclampsia

The signs of Preeclampsia  is similar to hypertension. There is no specific test to check and verify the presence of preeclampsia. Normal blood pressure check up can show whether the pregnant woman has preeclampsia or not. Urine test such as proteinuria is usually used by doctors to check the existence of Preeclampsia. Yet, common hypertension symptoms such as severe headache, momentary blackouts, dizziness, and abdominal pain.

How to avoid Preeclampsia?

Good care of mother is required. A pregnant  woman must be kept away from stress and any situation which might increase her blood pressure. Obese females must take extra care as they not only prone to Preeclampsia  but other conditions as well. Females, who have endured hypertension prior to pregnancy must regularly go for blood pressure check up and must visit the doctor in order to discuss the hypertension medicine they are taking. Usually, many medicines are changed during pregnancy especially hypertension pills must be changed.

Every pregnant women must avoid high cholesterol diets along with fat and high protein diet. ACE inhibitors which are present in many high blood pressure pills must be avoided. Alcohol consumption and smoking must be avoided as they are liable to increase blood pressure. If you have another disease or physical or psychological condition then you must discuss with your doctor. Side affects of many disease leads to hypertension and you must avoid it if you are pregnant.

Preeclampsia is the medical condition which includes high blood pressure and increased of protein in urine of a pregnant women. Preeclampsia can be fatal to mother as well as the fetus. It leads to another condition, Eclampsia, which is the leading cause of maternal death and miscarriages.