What is Premenopause

Premenopause is often referred as perimenopause, is a period before the time when the menstrual cycle of a women permanently stops. To know premenopause, you first need to know about menopause. Menopause is a situation when a woman no longer has periods. The usual age when a woman starts feeling the symptoms of menopause is 40. Premenopause can be 2 year to 6 years before menopause period in which the signs of menopause starts. The average age for menopause is usually 50 or 51. Premenopause can last for 3-4 years but in most of the cases it lasts for few months. premenopause lasts until you get menopause or you can say until your ovaries stop producing eggs. When ovaries stop producing eggs, then it leads to the more production of progesterone and less production of estrogen which results in various problems. These problems are symptoms of premenopause period. The symptoms of premenopause can be:-

Vaginal dryness Unexplained weight gain Depression Hot flashes Irregular & heavy periods Irritability Mood swings Fatigue Difficulty in sleeping Urine leakage while sneezing or coughing Decreased sexual desire Breast tenderness

No woman looks forward to this phase of her life as this phase of her life is not very enjoyable. In addition to above mentioned symptoms, a woman can also face various other symptoms and most important of them is mental instability. Most of the women say that the effect of premenopause on their mental condition is worst. There are so many hormonal changes that take effect in a woman’s body and due to which all these symptoms arise. If you feel severe and persisting problems, then you should consult a doctor. As this phase is a tough phase of a woman’s life, so a woman should always try to get information about this phase from various sources. In this way, it would be easy for her to tackle this condition and she could also be able to tell her doctor about the symptoms properly. Your doctor will examine you properly and will ask for a blood test to know the hormonal level. With menopause, your fertility declines. It would be difficult to get pregnant after menopause. But if your goal is just to be pregnant then there are medications which help in increasing fertility and in turn help in getting pregnant. At this phase of life, a woman needs care and affection from the people around her. So she should be taken care of properly.

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