What Is Problem Solving

Psychologically the concept of problem solving is defined by the experts in the field, as the the process that comprises of identifying, analyzing and resolving issues. It could be a tough mental challenge at times for the novice. Still when you get used to finding solutions of such a kind, it would become a very interesting time pass. One would enjoy the pleasure of having resolved an issue which gives satisfaction of the absolute kind. It is why the experts do not bother to hinder the smooth functioning of the brain and nervous system, with unwanted habits of smoking or consumption of alcohol and so on. Drugs of any such kind, especially tobacco in variety forms could be a great hindrance to the development of analytical ability in a person.

The depth of thought could be affected by means of these kinds of mental distractions. Logical reasoning possibility is shut down in the individual or arrested to a good extent when they are under the captivation of these narcotic drugs. Hence, there is no possibility for them to focus cleanly into the problems kept in front of them to understand and apply analytical and reasoning abilities appropriately. Problem solving becomes absolutely hopeless in that juncture. They approach the consultants and experts in the field to resolve the issue for them. Life poses a lot of challenges on a daily basis to human beings and it is extremely important that one has to cultivate his or her inherent abilities to the best extent possible, in order to resolve the issues.

Problem solving could be of any kind and it could be to the tune of any magnitude. The resolvers are determined by their abilities and the complexity of the issue. Apart from that the experience they have in the particular subject and their knowledge so far could be of great help in resolving the specific issue. It is why knowledge sharing becomes quite crucial in the conglomerates before arriving at any decisions of long term planning. Discussion and consultation among the group finally leads a stream of ideas to resolve complicated organizational challenges.

Creativity as well as insight in an individual could be of certain help when it comes to resolving issues. Still, factual knowledge and experience matters the most. There are simple steps involved in the structured process of problem solving. Prima facie, it is the identification of the issue. Diagnosis could be misinterpreted by people at times and it could be the primary factor leading to all chaos at the end of the day. In order to avoid such hassles, ascertain the issue in its right context and understand the issue completely in the first place.

Secondly, define it. Thirdly, try to impose a strategy on how to approach the issue to find a resolve. It could be said as the process of formation of a specific strategy to the issue.  Fourth step is to gather information. Fifth step is to collate all information gathered to identify the resolve. Final steps could still be further divided into more number of simple steps for better understanding and ease.