What is Progeria

Progeria is a disease which affects a kid since he is born. It has certain symptoms and its suitable treatment has not been discovered till date.

In recent years, certain cases have been reported that the kids have premature look and brain. This disease didn’t exist in people of old age but in recent years lots of cases have been reported. From last 15 years this problem has been reported by several countries which include Australia, Canada, China, England, Cuba, France, Germany, Mexico, South Africa and many other countries. This disease is termed as “Progeria” because this word is derived from the Greek word “Progeras” as “pro” means premature and “geras” means old age. Kids irrespective of countries, casts, races and colors are suffering from this disease. This disease is scattered in different countries which consists of people of different caste and color. It is a rare disease but however 1 out of 4-8 million newborn babies suffers from this disease.

When the baby is born with this disease, he looks quite healthy but as 10-24 months passes certain symptoms are found. These symptoms include failure in physical growth, loss of hair, loss of body fat, dislocation of hips, stroke and aged skin. Hence, it can be said that one can see a child and say that he is suffering from Progeria because it makes the patient look totally different from normal being. Progeria is sometimes called similar to aging because it includes certain problems and risks which occur to people of old age. This consists of problems like heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, enlargement of heart and heart failure. As heart problems is the major cause of death of people in recent years, most of the kids having Progeria die due to heart diseases.

Although Progeria occurs to a baby since he is born yet it cannot be said that Progeria is a hereditary disease because generally siblings of that baby do not have any symptom related to Progeria. In fact, two babies who have Progeria are rarely seen. Instead, Progeria happens due to defective Lamin A protein which makes the nucleus of cells unstable. Unstable cells are the main reason which causes aging in the patients of Progeria.

Like cancer, treating Progeria is also a difficult task as no accurate process of treatment has been discovered till date. According to the statistics, a kid who is suffering from Progeria lives for 13 years on average. Generally, patients of Progeria die between the age of 8 and 21. Experts and doctors are trying their level best to find a treatment for kids who are suffering Progeria so that they can live for longer period of time. 

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