What Is Promethazine

Phenothiazine is a group of chemicals that consists of phenolic acids and promethazine is one of them which are usually used as a medicine as well. The basic function assigned to promethazine is to alter the actions that are going in you mind at that time.

The Promethazine brings a feeling of dizziness and extreme relaxing sensation to your mind that ultimately drags you into a peaceful sleep. Phenergan is a specific liquid that belongs to the same group of chemical substances used to alter the track of your mind. It is therefore mostly used as a pre-tranquilizer before a surgery. If the effect of the liquid is to is more pronounced, that it is added with some other substances or such medicines that give you the feeling of pain? This potentially increases the effectiveness of the Promethazine.

Promethazine is a multi purpose medicine that can be used for various diseases or biological problems occurring in ones body, as its major function is to change the track of your mind, it is hence used as a rapt treatment for the reduction in allergy. It has proved to be effective for the allergic symptoms such as itching where one feels a lot of irritation on the body, or when your nose is flowing like mad, when sneezing is uncontrollable, for irritation in eyes, bee attack and for several other problems like rashes and blotches on the skin.

Promethazine, as already described, works best to change the monotonous working of the human brain. Sometimes the brain gets so much off the track that it keeps any single process repeating in the body which could be a result of some disease or side effect of a medicine. Even climatic changes also have the ability to let this happen. However, when you use Promethazine you can easily get rid of things like excessive vomiting and nausea. If your stomach has gone loose, even at that time Promethazine will prove effective for your muscles of the stomach.

Promethazine is available in many forms and you can take the one easily which suits you or has been advised by the doctor. The Promethazine syrup is good if you are not a tablet person, but still there is the option for oils for those who want it this way. Furthermore it has the advantage of injection into the body as well, but make sure to do so only with the permission of a doctor. Be careful while using this medicine as if taken in the excessive amounts, it could cause problems in your body. It is therefore necessary to take it according to the doctor’s advice.