What is Promotion

Whenever a person is working in an organization, enterprise, business then after some time due to getting higher education, increase in experience, increase of skill he or she gets a benefit from the company and name given to this benefit is promotion. After getting the promotion success, value, knowledge of an individual is increased. It is a way of communication between the organization or business owner and their employees.

The success of any enterprise is heavily dependent on its employees if they are satisfied then they will perform their task with more focus and dedication. One way to satisfy them is to provide them promotion. Employees start working with more hard-work after getting promotion. It is one way of giving encouragement to employees.

The promotion can be due to extraordinary performance of employee or if it has done anything beneficial for his company or it can also be due to his consistent good performance. After getting performance chances of growth are increased and long employment within the company.

With the increase in the level of a person his responsibilities are also increased and these responsibilities should not be taken lightly. The work is also increased this new work can be more interesting and it can be more complex also but every worker is ready to accept this complexity because promotion is a celebration cause for them.

In addition to these work load and increased responsibilities, the positive things of promotion are increase in the pay scale, reputation, status, morale of employees. Many other additional benefits like health insurance, free accommodation, and free travelling trips are also provided by companies. In a ranked system like the military or a fire department, the promotion may be called an increase in rank or grade, and the employee’s pay will be adjusted according to a rigid scale.

Some paper work has to be performed after getting promotion and there is a good time for negotiations by promoted employees because the seniors have given him the indication that he is valuable for organization.

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