What is Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a cancer that is seen only in men. The prostate is a reproductive gland in the male human body. When the cancer affects this it is called the prostate cancer. The prostate is the organ that lies in the middle of the urinary gland. The size of the prostrate varies with the growth of the man. In children the size is much smaller as compared to older men. It is involved in the reproductive as well as the urinary process. Hence the cancer may affect both these processes.

The prostate cancer grows at a very slow speed and can be cured easily. But when it reaches the advanced stages it may grow drastically and also affect various other organs and glands. This cancer can occur to men in all ages but is more common to men over the age of fifty. There may be most men who do not realize that they suffered from prostate cancer and die due to old age without suffering much due to prostate cancer.

The main symptoms of prostate cancer are pain in urination. There patient suffering would feel like urinating more often but might have pain to start urinating. Once the urination starts there may be difficulty in stopping as well. At times there can be blood along with the urine. There can be difficulty in ejaculation and erection. The intercourse can also be painful.

When the prostate cancer reaches a higher stage few more symptoms can be visible. It can be accompanied by bone pain. This bone pain is mainly in the spine, the femur, hip bone and the ribs. There can be weakness in the legs felt. These pains can be very intense at times.

There can be various reasons that cause prostate cancer. The age can be one of the factors. Another cause can be genetics. There can be certain genetics which are more open to prostate cancer. The diet of the man can also be the reason of prostate cancer. Lack of vitamin E and vitamin D can cause prostate cancer. A healthy diet and a good lifestyle can help in prevention of prostate cancer. Prostate cancer can also be caused by sexually transmitted diseases, certain medications that the man is undergoing and also due to obesity at times.

Prostate cancer is curable in most cases. Very easy to cure if caught in an early stage. Certain therapies and treatments can cure prostate cancer. A screening and biopsy can make the cancer visible. An early detection will lead to quicker cure. A healthy lifestyle can help you prevent the cancer from occurring.