What is Prostatitis

Inflammation or swelling occurring in the prostate gland is known as the prostatitis. Prostate gland is shaped as a doughnut and in the size of a walnut. The condition of prostatitis is not caused by prostate cancer or benign but mostly because of some infections caused by bacteria. This may affect the prostate gland of any man and occurs in various types that need to be treated accordingly.

Causes of Prostatitis

Bacteria are considered as the basic factor that causes prostatitis. And other type of infections that causes these conditions of the diseases might be due to any direct damages caused to the prostate glands or by the immune system or infection because of yeast, virus and other allergies etc.

Symptoms of the prostatitis

It is very important that every man educate himself about the symptoms of prostatitis in order to live a healthy life.

  • Chills
  • Spiking fever
  • Cloudy, foul smelling or bloody urine
  • Sweating
  • There will be pain in the during the bowel and urination movement
  • Immense pain in the testicles, behind the scrotum and in the lower back
  • Pain experienced during ejaculation
  • Need the pain to urinate frequently
  • Not able to urinate completely and empty the bladder

Diagnosing the prostatitis

It is essential that we diagnose the prostatitis carefully and accurately in order to effectively treating this health condition. Following are the few diagnostic process implemented that are included along with the physical examination.

  • Rectal exam digital
    The physician inserts his finger in to the rectum in order to examine the prostate gland and the rectum for detecting any kind of cancer signs.
  • Urine culture
    Urine sample is collected in triple urination method or the three urine collection bottles. This process is used in combination with massage prostate that collects urine and prostatic fluid which reveals if the urine consists of any white particles or blood or bacteria in the urine.
  • Prostate massage
    In this method the prostate gland is massaged through which prostatic fluid ois collected and then examined. The physician will massage the prostate gland and drain the prostatic fluid in to the urethra. The fluid is examined under the microscope which will reveal the presence of infection or any kind of inflammation.
  • Semen culture
    Culture of semen is also tested for detecting any kind of abnormalities.
  • Cystoscopy
    This procedure is also called as cytourethroscopy in which a tube that is flexible with a viewing device attached is inserted in to the urethra for examining the urinary tract and bladder for spotting any structural obstructions or abnormalities such as the stones or tumors.

Treatments for prostatitis

The treatment procedure is determined by the doctors according to the type of prostatitis that has affected the patients. Surgical treatment is suggested in case the prostate inflammation is blocking the flow of urine. Medicene can also be effective in some cases , but it will be life long.