What Is PSA

PSA (Primary Systematic Amyloidosis) is the disease or the condition, when the antibody producing cells in the body stop functioning properly, which is, of course, not a good condition. This would lead to malfunctioning occurring within the body.

In case of PSA, the body starts producing many different kinds of irregular proteins, which are also termed as ‘bad’ proteins. The condition if not taken care of, during the proper time interval, it might end up causing serious damage to the patient, which, sadly, would be irreversible.

As said earlier, PSA is the syndrome when your body starts producing proteins that are completely useless for you and your body. These proteins are called ‘light proteins’ in layman terms. The problem is that these unwanted proteins that are produced travel freely and swiftly thorough your blood streams. This fact can very much be dangerous. Moreover, when few of these proteins combine, they end up forming lumps at the pace. These collections of lumps can permanently damage the organ or the part.

Kidneys have been the most affected organ, as seen in almost all of the cases. The reason for it is that it is the part that purifies the blood and the excretory system is attached to it too. Hence, the chances of the bad proteins being coagulated in the kidneys becomes pretty much high and hence it has to undergo serious damage. The second most affected organ is the heart, again for the obvious reasons. Apart from that, pancreas, spleen, nervous system etc too are affected by the bad proteins that are produced. Seeing the names of the organs that have been mentioned just would be enough to show how bad the disease can get and how harshly you may be affected, in case you get affected by it.

There is not strong prevention method for PSA till date. As far as the diagnosis is concerned, you can get to know if you have the ‘bad protein’ phenomenon, from your blood test or urine test. These simple tests would prove beyond any doubt, if you need to worry about something. Also weakness and occasional body pain is also a symptom, that has been registered.

There is only one solid treatment for PSA and that is the bone marrow transplant. In almost all of the cases, the surgery has worked and the patients have led a healthy life after it. One bad point about the surgery is that it is long, tedious and painful and the patient requires being strong and healthy to cope it up.

If any of the above mentioned criteria do not fit in, the option of surgery is cancelled out completely. One can also opt for chemotherapy, given the fact that this branch of medicine has been showing some incredible results lately. As of today, chemotherapy works too for such patients and they are having no troubles once they have been cured.