What Is Pseudogout

The term Pseudogout is not so familiar to us, but on the other side, the word “Arthritis” is one of the most common words used in medical science. Psuedogout is a type of arthritis. This usually affects two or more joints and results in severe swelling and inflammation. Pseudogout attacks usually occur spontaneously without any prior warning. We might have heard a disease called gout, which is having a lot of similarities with Pseudogout. Pseudogout is commonly seen in knees than other joints.

Pseudogout occurs due to the deposition of “calcium pyrophosphate crystal” in a fluid called “synovial fluid” which is present in the joints or due to the deposition in the soft tissues. Therefore, this disease is also known as CPPD (“calcium pyrophosphate deposition disease”). On the other hand, gout occurs due to the deposition of crystals known as monosodium urate which is formed due to the crystallization of excess uric acids formed in our body.

The chances of getting affected by gout are far more than the chances of getting affected by Pseudogout. Another interesting fact about gout and Pseudogout is that, Pseudogout is common among women and gout is common among men. The people who belong to age group above fifty are prone to Pseudogout. It is commonly seen that people are considering gout and Pseudogout as the same type because of their similarities. But in real, they both are different. Because of this misconception, Pseudogout is also known as “false gout”.

Many studies revealed that there is some possibility for the co-existence of gout and Pseudogout. The treatment for gout and Pseudogout are almost similar. In the treatment session, prime focus is given to the reduction of the extreme pain and swelling around the joints. This can be done by using drugs like Advil, Aleve, Motrin, Indocin, Ibuprofen etc. The most unfortunate part is that, these drugs are usually associated with some side effects like stomach pain, vomiting, hypertension, diarrhea etc. Another treatment for curing Pseudogout is called joint injection. This is found to be effective in patients as it provide spontaneous relief. But excessive usage of this method is not good for the nearby bones of the joint because this will result in the weakening of the bone.

The most advisable thing is that, those who are affected with Pseudogout should take proper rest as resting plays an important part in the reduction of swelling as well as pain. In some cases, even surgery is required to get rid of this condition. As Pseudogout is mainly due to the condition of “post-operative dehydration” it is advisable to drink plenty of water or some other fluid before the surgery and after it.