What is Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a kind of a skin disorder.  Generally a person suffering from psoriasis experience a scaly and dry skin. Many medical experts believe this skin disorder to be genetic too.

Psoriasis can occur in people of all ages ranging from 11 to 45 year of age. Psoriasis is medically not considered as a contagious disease, yet there are many people who consider discriminating and socially excluding the people suffering from this disease.

Generally it is the genes and the immune system of a person that is responsible for the development of Psoriasis. It is the white blood cells that are also called as T cells that play a key role in triggering the skin reaction.  Psoriasis is therefore also termed as a  T cell disease.

The skin reaction tend to cause increase in the growth of new cells of the skin may be in a few days rather than taking weeks. Ultimately everything depends upon the DNA or the inherit genes of a person that tends to cause this disease. Besides the genes there are also other factors responsible to cause psoriasis like excess stress, injury of the skin, strep throat, skin injuries and allergies.

Psoriasis may be visible in different parts of the body like lower back, knees, elbows, and scalp. A person might generally feel a discomfort of burning and itching sensation caused due to this skin disorder.

Psoriasis is also called as a chronic disease in case if it is not treated in time. A person can see flaky, crusty and red patches with silvery scales all over or on the specific parts of their body. People might also experience frequent break outs or eruption of the skin causing much discomfort in their daily life.

As soon as the psoriasis flares, it tends to cause more severe pain and itching often accompanied with skin bleeding and cracks too. The effects of this disease also leads to deprive a person of sleep leaving them with an extreme feeling despair, grief, depression, anger, lower self esteem and embarrassment.

Any inflammation, change in the color and scaling of the skin can be easily diagnosed as a Psoriasis disease. The disease not only causes discomfort and pain but also lowers the esteem of a person. The entire treatment of psoriasis varies and depends upon many factors like duration, affected parts, earlier medication, extension of the spread of disease, associated disease and the general health of a person.

The disease is although curable yet different factors like stress, climate, injuries and infections can further trigger psoriasis.  Psoriasis is thus, considered as a life-long disorder, but the administration of effective and regular medical treatment can make a person lead a healthy and full life ahead.