What is Psychoanalysis

Psychology is basically the reading of the mental characteristics of a particular person. It helps in investigating the mind specially the unconscious mind. Psychoanalysis is the method by which psychotherapists attempt to get the root cause of patients current behavior or actions.


According to Freud, personality is developed at the age of 5 years.

Theories of psychoanalysis:-

TOPOGRAPHIC THEORY: It deals with the interpretation of dreams in which the mental structure is divided into 3 systems: Conscious, Pre-Concious and Unconcious

STRUCTURAL THEORY: It divides the mental structure into the id,the ego and the super-ego.

Sigmund Freud was the founder of psychoanalysis and he stated that the human personality is composed of 3 elements: The ID, The EGO and The SUPEREGO.

THE ID – This component of personality is from the birth and is the primary component. It operates on the principle of pleasure which demands the immediate satisfaction of needs. The personality components made up of human mind energy that satisfy the basic urges, needs and desires. If the needs are not satisfied immediately then result is the tension or anxiety.

THE EGO- The part of the personality that mediates among the ID and the SUPEREGO by creating the balance among the moral and idealistic standards. It deals with the reality.

THE SUPEREGO- The part of personality or the internalized ideals that we have achieved from our parents and from our society. It helps in making the difference between the right and wrong things.


The best known theory and the most controversial as well . He believes that personality is developed through the series of childhood stages during which the pleasure seeking energies of the id become focused on the sexual stimulation areas .If the stages of the psychosexual are completed successfully then the result is a healthy personality. But if the few issues are not solved then the result leads to fixation. According to him the human being from birth posses the sexual appetite that develops in 5 stages :

THE ORAL: The child at the age of Birth-1 year faces the oral stage where his erogenous zone is mouth when he

THE ANAL : The child at the age of 1-3 year faces the anal stage where his erogenous zone is bowel and bladder

THE PHALLIC: The child at the age of 3-6 year faces the phallic stage where his erogenous zone is genitalia

THE LATENT: The child at the age of 6-puberty faces the latency stage where his erogenous zone is dormant sexual feeling.

THE GENITAL: The person from the age range of puberty to death faces the genital stage where the sexual interest are mature.

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