What is Psychotherapy

In psychotherapy or personal counseling an interpersonal relationship is made intentionally by psychotherapist with his client or patient. The reason behind this relationship is to help the patient in solving his problems. This is one way and relationship is dissimilar from “selflessness”.

These problems can be individual problems like personal problems or these can be group problems like family related problems. The techniques like discussions, communication, and dialogue help in improving the mental state of a patient. The main goal is to focus on treating mental illness and psychological distress. Different techniques and practices can be used by psychotherapists like talk therapy, art therapy, drama therapy, occupational therapy, marriage and family therapy. But the exact approach used depends on various factors like qualification and experience of the therapist, preferences of the client, nature of the problem.

The main approaches that are used are:-

Psychoanalytic:-In this therapy root cause of distress of a patient is find out, for this past experiences are seek out. Cognitive-behavioral:-In this psychotherapy behavioral techniques are use to change the negative thoughts of a patient. Humanistic:-These therapies help the patients in increasing their own potential. Existential:- this therapy operates on the belief that inner conflict within a person is due to that individual’s confrontation with the givens of existence. It is based on existential belief that human-beings are alone in the world. This isolation can be overcome by creating one’s own values and meanings.

There are hundreds of psychotherapeutic approaches. The development of new and hybrid approaches continues. Many therapists alter the approach based on patient need.

In psychotherapy an environment has to be created by therapists in which client can share his views and he feels related to the therapist. It can occur face to face, over the telephone or less commonly on internet. The techniques of therapist can persuade the client to change in the direction that client has chosen.

While selecting a therapist following points should be kept in mind:-

Whether the client feel comfortable in discussing his personal information with therapist. What is the qualification and experience of therapist ? What is the cost associated with treatment ?

Whether he will protect a patient’s right to confidentially because personal information is shared.

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