What is PTSD

PTSD is called as Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. It is a mental disorder in which a person becomes very anxious after a horrible incident. A person goes in trauma when he sees something very scary in front of him. Anyone who had a life threatening event in his/her life can develop PTSD. Anyone who has seen incidents like terrorists attack, sexual harassment, serious accidents, natural disasters etc. can suffer from traumatic stress disorder.

The person may start feeling angry, confused, and irritated and if the person does not come out of it, we can say that he/she has developed Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. The intensity of disorder depends on many factors like how intense and serious was the incident, how close you were to the event, how much you were affected, how strong your reaction was etc. If you develop PTSD, its symptoms can start interfering in your day to day activities. If this happens, then you should consult a psychotherapist in order to get rid of this disorder. PTSD can cause a person to:

  • Increased arousal: it is a situation in which the person shows extreme reactions to everything. It includes excessive emotions like extreme anger, extreme irritation etc.
  • Avoiding: the person starts avoiding the situations, people and thoughts. The person starts staying lonely and he/she does not find himself/herself comfortable among people. They develop a feeling of isolation and detachment.
  • Reliving: the person may feel hallucinations, flashes and the nightmares of the incident happened to him/her in the past. The dates and other certain things remind them of the incident again and again.
  • Feeling numb: in some situations, the person finds it hard to express his/her feelings. He becomes unable to enjoy the situations and develop negative feelings.

It can also have other effects too like the person might develop the habit of drinking and smoking. He might starts feeling ashamed of him/her. The person loses hope from each and everything. He finds each and everything negative around him. Any person of any age can develop PTSD. Children can also become its victim when they feel that their parents are not giving proper attention towards them. Its treatment is very necessary. Otherwise the person would never be able to come out of it and it will continue to cause complications for him throughout his life.

Conclusion: This disorder can be treated by the psychotherapists by using the technique of CBT i.e. cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR etc. Medications can also be given to the patient to cure this disorder. You should let your doctor know about each and everything happened with you in the past. Do not hide anything from him otherwise he would not be able to give you the proper treatment. The person who is suffering from this disorder needs mental and emotional support from his closed ones. Try to be supportive with them. It would help them a lot in coming out of this situation.