What Is Public Health

Public health could be called as an art apart from being a science. To protect the people’s health in the communities, education is imparted to them on healthier life style. Researches are conducted in order to identify the potential possibilities of diseases that could arise and eradicate them right from the inception. Injury prevention is an essential part of public health concern. Improvising the life standards of the common man is a prime motive of the public health officials.

Degree is being awarded by universities in the field of public health. There are special schools that teach this subject. Promotion of healthy life style methods and behaviors is the objective of this branch of study. The key idea is simple. Prevention is better than cure. There are a lot of non medical methods that could adopt by the public in general in order to keep infections at bay. Such a healthy life style is being taught in the municipality seminars and presentations usually done by these public health and hygiene officers.  Consider the very basic practice of washing the hands cleanly with soap. It could keep one away from a lot of contagious diseases. By proper treatment to a patient, or controlling a specific pathogen from its growth in the individuals, are extremely important to curtail the spread of the disease. Contamination in the water supply to the people, contamination in the food stuff catered to the public could all be prevented by adopting public health standards appropriately. Naturally, the health of the public is ensured in that way and longevity is enhanced as a result of it.

Healthy habits such as regular exercise, intake of proper food, consciousness about weight and many other practices are instilled in the minds of the common man by the public health officers. There is a significant amount of variation in the health of the slum dwellers in many parts of the world, after the visits of these teams to such areas. Non profit organization that run for social welfare sponsor these officials to travel to places and preach the public about the healthy life style and good habits that are usually overlooked by a majority of the people. Maintaining a separate towel for every other family member is very essential and there is nothing wrong in doing so. Likewise, there are so many aspects that are taught to the public and illustrated about the importance of these practices.

One of the major players that contribute to such a sort of seminars and presentations to be held far and wide in different areas of the globe is the WHO, The world health organization. The policies and plans of the WHO are structured by some of the experts and geeks in the field of medicine. Their long term planning and implementation of variety of social welfare assignments have improvised the lifestyle of while heap of communities all over the world. Apart from the WHO, there are so many other non profit organizations that are also run on similar motives to protect their own communities in their localities. These institutions are usually funded by the big conglomerates, affluent people and so on. Donations from different parts of the world reach the areas that are severely affected by poverty.  The life style of people in some parts of the afro Asian countries is quite pathetic and they are showcased in the new headlines of prominent channels to let the world know about the inundations in the society.