What is Public Management

Public management refers to the use of the techniques and the methods used by the private players in the government companies. Public management was designed with the success achieved by the methods used in private companies.  The methods which are successful in the private sector are taken up in the public sector according to the project or the work that is to be conducted.  Public management is crucial in the government companies as the projects taken up by the government are bigger than the private sector.

There are many advantages associated by following public management. A few are mentioned below: –

  • Public management involves many tools which help in the progress of a particular organization. The important tool in public management is the auditing of the government company performance. This helps in analyzing the performance of government companies over others. Thus, it helps in making the required changes to improve the performance of the government companies.
  • The projects taken up by the government companies are larger than the private sector. Since there is no proper monitory body to monitor the proceeding of the government company, public management would help in the proper working of the company. It is also essential, as the government works on no competition grounds. Public management can audit the proceedings in the government companies to execute the projects in standards to private players.

Public management is more than just managing the government projects or companies. This is because; the view of a government company is entirely different from the perspective of a private company. The perspective that lies here is the intention of the government company to serve the public. Unlike, the private companies which are normally into making profits.

 The innovative feature of public management is that it innovates to get solutions to solve the problem faced by the government companies or its projects.  This in turn helps the government companies to be more productive and do more good to the society.

The right public management is necessary to have a stable working of the government. Public management with the right combination of public administration can progress a society in every possible way. This public management is generally practiced by most of the developed nations. It helps in the right utilization of the tax payer’s money in implementation of the projects. With public management, these projects can be executed with the right utilization of the money. Public management is for public which indeed helps the society. 

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