What is QR Code

The special software on phone displays the web address of the site after you have captured the QR code of the site. This versatile mobile marketing tool can be used by several businesses in many ways. QR codes became popular quickly as and when people understood that they can be used to create a link between the physical word and the internet, a hardlink. These codes spread over initially in Europe and are now proceeding to appear in United States.

Basic informations about QR codes

Several business doors use QR codes which are displayed as an image of strange square spot. These two dimensional bar codes were originally used in Japan to scan the automobile parts in the factories quickly and the idea is taken from there to easily store the addresses of the sites in the information technology. These codes are called 2D as they can be scanned top to bottom and side by side, both ways whereas normal code bars can be scanned only side ways.

Presently QR codes have got popularity outside automotive industry as it can be read speedily and can store large number of data surpassing the conventional UPC barcodes in comparison. It contains black colored modulation on a white colored square shaped box which can store informations in four types of modes like alphanumeric, numeric, kanji and binary/byte or any kind of data with the support of extensions.

Working of QR codes

The special softwares installed on the smart phones can enable them to read these codes efficiently. QR code can be activated on a smart phone only by taking the picture of the code on the handset though its camera, the special code interpreter software of the smart phone will decode it to give you the name of the site and can take you to the site address by using the network of your phone. Mobile tagging is the other name of the process of connecting the phone network to the website using QR code bar.

Use of QR codes for business

Though QR codes can be used to store different types of informations like informations about your contacts or business information but they are popularly used as hardlink to link you with special websites. These QR codes can be displayed on the door of your business, on business mailer, on business card, printed advertisement of your business and even on your business promotion page on any website. You can download the code reading software on your mobile phone as well as create your own QR code from various websites.

Thus, a QR code is a quick response code which can store the addresses of special websites and can be used to reach those websites through smart phones.