What Is Rap Music

Rap is a popular musical genre which rose to prominence in the 21st century.  The genre is also known as Hip- Hop or hip-hop music and consists of conventional rhythmic affects including rhyming lyrics in  the form of chant. Rap music gave birth to a sub-culture known as Rap culture or Hip-Hop culture.

Rap Music is the art of creating rhyming speeches in the form of chant. This chant is accompanied by high tempo electronic music. This rhyming chant is known as rapping and anyone who does rapping is known as a rapper. Rap Music has become a culture and has its own clothing style, body language and social aspects. Rap music can be described as the 21St century popular music. Nowadays, every genre includes certain elements of rap music or hip-hop and has become the popular music of this generation.

Origin of Rap music  

Rap music and its style was not included in any music dictionary until its rise in the 80s. The genre was evolving all the time. It infuses many genres such as electronic music, Djing, dance, disco, and African music. The term Rap ultimately came into existence as native African- American  musicians started recording a fusion of African music and Pop.

Rap Music is associated with the African-American youth of America. The 80’s Rap music or Hip-Hop is known as old school Rap. Afrika Bambaataa, a DJ is recognized as the pioneer of old school Hip-Hop and is known as the Godfathers of Rap music. Other Disco Jockey’s at that time were also recording the Rap music but in early 80’s Afrika Bambaataa added lyrics to his music. Afrika Bambaataa’s playback was recorded at high tempo as soon it become the happening thing in USA. 

Rap in popular culture

Run-DMC and LL CoolJ were responsible for the emergence of New School Rap. They belong to the first generation of rappers. Both Run-DMC and LL CoolJ had a huge impact on the youth especially with their rapping style and with their music. Soon many artist followed their footsteps and by the time of 1990s, rap become a popular music along with pop and Grunge Rock.

Golden Age of Rap Music

The 90s is known as the golden of age of rap music as groups of young rappers such as Public enemy, Big Daddy Kane, Gang Starr, and De La Soul etc. gain popularity. These group rammed the mainstream music in the late 80’s and offered a perfect platform to the next generation of rappers.

Sub genres: Gangsta Rap, West Cost vs East Cost

In the late 80s a Rap group by the name of NWA came into the scene and shocked everyone with their lyrics and rapping style. The group consisted of inner-city Black youths, who called their music Gangsta Rap. They released many controversial Rap albums and were in the headlines throughout their career.

DR. Dre, a member of NWA released his solo album in 1992 giving birth to West coast Rap Music. The west coast Rap music was influenced by the funk style and gave birth to many artists such as Snoop Dog and Tupac Shakur.

The east coast Hip-Hop had the other half of rappers such as The Jungle Brothers, Sean Combs (Puff Diddy) , Public enemy, Jay-Z etc. During 94-95 a fierce rivalry between the East coast rappers and west coast rappers stormed the nation. It proved to be deadly as rappers like Tupac Shakur and Biggie were murdered. Tupac Shukar is the rapper behind the thug life sub-culture of rappers.