What is Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatic Arthritis is a chronic disease that is responsible for inflammatory pain in various tissues and organs but specifically affects the joints. This disorder can occur in any age. In this case the body tissues are attacked by the own immune system of the body mistakenly. This affects the body tissues in a bad way. The tissues of the skin are the ones which are affected the most. This happens because the tissues that have been inflamed may attack the other organs, to stop that from happening the immune system attacks these tissues.

The exact reason of Rheumatic Arthritis is still unknown, and so is the cure. Because of this reason most of the people have the disease ever increasing and getting worse from time to time. This can cause damage to the organs at large. But with a few lucky people who reach remission which is a stage where the disease does not increase or affect the persons organs hugely. An early detection and regular exercise can cause the person to stay stable at remission stage and avoid being affected in a bad way.

The symptoms of Rheumatic Arthritis vary from person to person. Most of times one or several joints can be affected in symmetrical pattern. When there is inflammation in the joints there is pain in the joints. The joints feel warm and the motion in the joint decreases drastically. Due to the inflammation the patient may feel fatigued and loose appetite. In certain cases the patient may also become anemic and have low grade fever.

The long term affects of Rheumatic Arthritis can be killing for the patient. It effects the tissues, cartilages and the ligaments. Most importantly the bony areas that take in most of the pressure are effected. These include the elbows, the spine and the heels. An increased and an avoided Rheumatic Arthritis can cause the internal organs and the internal systems which include the immune system. It can cause permanent joint destruction too.

Though there is no permanent cure known for Rheumatic Arthritis there are treatments that can be done to prevent a permanent damage. Various exercises can be done which prevents the pain to reach to the last stage. Some physical exercises as well as certain medicines are available to prevent it from reaching a higher stage. When the higher stages are reached then there are options of taking steroids which will only help in curing the pains temporarily.

Besides the medicines there can be various other precautions that the patient should take from his side. These are things as small as eating the right kind of food.