What is Rickets

Rickets is a disease which is caused due to the deficiency of Vitamin D. It is caused in children. It can also be caused due to the deficiency of calcium or phosphate. It causes softening and weakening of the bones in children. It causes them to break easily. Vitamin D is very essential as it helps in absorbing calcium and phosphorous from the food. When a child lacks vitamin D, he in turn lacks calcium and phosphate in the body which gives rise to the disease called rickets. The child with this disease is more prone to the risk of fractures. It is usually seen in children but in some cases it may be found in adults too and that condition is called Osteomalacia.

The main cause of the deficiency of vitamin D is malnutrition. Children who do not get proper diet, usually suffers from this deficiency. Vitamin D is also produced by the body when we are exposed to the sunlight. If for some reason, the children do not get proper sunlight, then also they can lack vitamin D. so the children should be exposed to the sunlight though only for some time. Try to avoid wearing sunscreen always while going out. Rickets can cause pain in the bones. It can cause bone tenderness and softening of the bones. It can also result in low levels of calcium and decrease in the muscle strength. Rickets can also be caused to certain genetic defect and due to some disease like kidney problems and liver problems. Rickets can be diagnosed by different tests.

X-ray can be used to know the shape and the state of the muscles and bones of the body. If your child is having multiple fractures then also it can be a sign of rickets. If there are some serious signs or injury due to rickets and immediately consult the doctor. The doctor will conduct a full physical exam on the child. The treatment will depend upon the type and the level of rickets your child has developed. Your child will start getting better with few weeks of treatment. If your child has got some serious problem, then he might need a surgery. In order to prevent this condition, you should look after your child properly and on his diet too. He should be given the diet rich in vitamin D. He should be given proper vegan diet and it is very important to give them exposure to enough amount of sunlight too. If still he is not recovering, then you should consult with a good orthopedic expert.

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