What Is Ripley

 The general tendency of people is to be floored with the most outrageous facts, figures and records. Some of the big records accomplished by people are difficult to believe. So, it is only natural that in 1919, Robert Ripley chose to name his cartoon strip as Believe It Or Not. He was a sports enthusiast and his comic strips had a wacky portrayal of the sporting feats. Soon, Ripley kept on switching newspapers and he also populated his now-popular franchise with news about the often unrecorded events, scientific facts and also certain inventions and discoveries. These facts often amaze the people, who read them with speculative curiosity.

Today, these modest origins have materialized into something significantly larger than life. What Ripley began with comic strips dedicated to such wacky news and facts soon became a big business of mass entertainment and amusement. Today, there are TV series which show some of the most unbelievable things happening all around in the world. There are also books, which are padded with pictures and endless streams of crazy trivia about the most ridiculous things. And yet through it all, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not stays true to its policy. It does not urge the readers to believe everything they are reading. Instead, it is fully up to the readers and TV viewers to decide if such things are true.

Other than books, comic strips and magazines, there are whole museums and attractions devoted to this form of entertainment. Believe it or not, but there are numerous amusement parks, museums and other tourist attractions that have become exceedingly popular due to this show. Across USA, Canada and even Europe, the museums modeled on the original Ripley’s Believe It Or Not format have become frequented haunts for people and kids, who like to get a zany sneak peek into the most incredible happenings and scientific facts. In fact, for such speculative minds, the museums have been fitted with some of the most fanciful attractions. There are so many interactive features and trips in these museums and theme parks. The kids and grownups can have a lot of fun.

The Ripley’s Believe It Or Not has also become a strong brand in other ways. It has set up websites, which will cater to different servers in different countries. The websites are packed with all the latest buzz and updates on which events and news are making all the noise. These websites are also places where the normal people can contribute to the news and latest topics on Believe It Or Not. So, such a website is actually a social forum. People can come together and discuss all the news about the incredulous facts and trivia. They can also give in all that they know about some amazing and incredible things which have occurred. So, with such inputs, the websites will be packed with the latest news about the unbelievable facts of science and other phenomena.

The Ripley’s Believe It Or Not has become a big brand of entertainment. Its authorized TV shows have become the highest ratings grabber. Its books have proved to be big bestsellers. People love to know the truth behind zany inventions and facts, which may be also not true. So, the bottom line is that its success is amazing. Believe it or not!