What is Roid Rage

Dangers of Roids Rage

When an individual is using large quantities of anabolic steroids for over longer period of time it leads to the severe health condition known as the Roids Rage. This condition causes high anxiety, rage and anger. In certain cases the person might lose control of his anger which can lead to some illegal deeds and other problems where a person might get hurt or injured or been killed at times by the person who have consumed these steroids. However the court, justice and law never accept this as an excuse or matter of defense for performing such criminal acts. Since these steroids are found to cause so any complications, violent attacks and deaths they are banned for using in sports but still it finds its way to the uncertain people who really trust in these steroids for their support.

Dangers of the steroids

The person taking these steroids tends to initially suffer from a combined effect of environmental and genetic factors which results in the ultimate outburst of anger. Thus it has been detected that using these kinds of drugs will create an environment that will aggravate the feelings of rage along with anger. This is caused because of the extreme strengths that the testosterone levels would generate while they are consumed or injected which leads to the unwanted outbursts.

Adverse effects of Continuous use of the steroids levels

The steroids are considered as the most dangerous drug because it increases the level of testosterone in an unnatural manner that works on the muscle mass along with the other violent behaviors. Therefore using this drug is banned in professional sports, in colleges and schools level sports as well. In case the sports authorities have detected the usage of drugs those athletes or sports person will be removed or suspended from the team completely.

The effects of these drugs wear off soon and so the users become deeply depressed since they will not be able to balance their emotions. Therefore they are strangled with their own urge to use the drugs in increased dosage level. At certain point of time the body of the person will shut down and at times will lead to death. In some cases where the people suffering from heart diseases it aggravates their health problems.

The drug actually creates more diverse effects in those persons with past history of rage, anger and other violent behavior. The drug causes outbreaks while it is in full effect but the rage also continues when the effect of the drugs wears off leaving the person depressed and they start striking at every person near them at that moment.

Female body builders’ roids rage

Though the world gets the glimpse of the outrage of the men using the anabolic steroids it is found to cause the same adverse effects on the women body builders as well who uses the same drug for developing and strengthening their muscle mass. Since women are genetically formed in a way that they will not be able to form huge muscles such as men, but they use it to increase the muscle mass all over their body. Thus if that women consists of a history of violent behaviors in the past then there is a risk of these women creating the same problem in an outrageous manner.

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