What is Rosacea Cream

Rosacea is a skin disease. Women, fair-skinned person between the age of 30-60 are more prone to this disease. Rosacea can develop gradually into flushing which may lead to permanent red face.

Main symptoms of this disease are:-

There will be redness on face. Small bumps on nose, cheeks, forehead or chin. Blood vessels may appear on nose, cheeks. Facial swelling and burning sensation. Irritated or watery eyes.

The causes behind this disease are not known. But some suppose that it can be due to skin infection, disorder in blood vessels like how recurrently we flush and how our blood vessels cope with this flushing.

Rosacea is an adult disease and it is due to neurovascular disorder and there are no blackheads on the skin in this disease. This disease is only restricted to cheeks, chin, nose and forehead.

To treat rosacea a topical antibiotic rosacea cream is used. Long-term use of this cream is safer, but may have negative effects also.

Azelaic acid gel is another medical cream to treat rosacea but it can be nauseating to skin. Laser therapy may also be suggested to reduce flushing and appearance of blood vessels.

Rosacea cream and lotion do not have any undesirable effect on our skin because it contains natural ingredients is harmless for longer use.

If you are suffering from rosacea then following tips can also help you. These are:-

Keep out of the sun. Protect your face when you are getting out in winter. Rinse your face with good soap. Avoid spicy food and alcoholic beverages.

Accutane a drug can be used to reduce facial burning and redness. But low doses of accutane should be taken.

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