What is Rose Salve

Rose Salve is like an ointment, lotion, paste or cream that heal that part of body which is very dry, irritated, burned or wounded. It contain natural ingredients that help in healing. It is a beauty product as well as it is a medicine.

Skin which is very dry or even if it is cracked then it can be moisturized by using Rose Salve.

There are many other products that can be used for soothing our skin but their ingredients are very much different from Rose Salve.

The major difference between Rose Salve and other is that it contain rose oil. Rose oil can be combined with other emollients to form product such as lanolin oil or jojoba oil which help to moisten the skin. Moreover, Rose oil has a very pleasing fragrance.

The major use of Rose Salve is like a lip gloss which is use to moisten dry or cracked lips. It can be applied daily but while drinking or eating it might wiped so it can be reapplied a few times through the day.

It cost approximately two do  five U.S. dollars(USD). So , it can be tested and used easily by its users.

C.O. Bigeloro prepare Rose Salve which is very popular for many years due to its ability to care for lips. We can apply it on lips, face, elbows, knees even on dry skin having patches.

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