What is Rosemary Leaf Tea

Rosemary leaf tea is not just like ordinary spices in our kitchen, but it is a tea which is proficient of fighting oxidation in our body as it is like an antioxidant and the main function that is performed by it is to enhance our memory and concentration. It is full of vitamins and help in stimulating our brain.

In precedent times these leaf were used as a part of decoration in wedding, to freshen rooms. These were introduced to Britain by the Romans. These leaves can also be used in meats, vegetables, pizzas, breads, chicken. In ancient times when there were no refrigerators these were used as a preservative. They were also used as an antiseptic, astringent.

It is a herb that is used as an intergradient in hand creams for use in cold weather. Moreover, it has astringent qualities that are why it is used as a cleanser for oily skin.

Rosemary leaf tea contains vitamins like beta carotene, vitamin B1 and B2, panthothemic acid. If we don’t have any physical ailment still we can use it as a vitamin pill.

To prepare this tea we can add one teaspoon of these leaves to a cup of boiling water and then steep it for 10 minutes. Alternatively tea bags are obtainable. The person who is tormenting from sore throat can try gargling with the tea.

According to U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) this tea is safe for pregnant women. The tea made from ginger, peppermint, rose hips and thyme are safe and sound for drinking. But its unwarranted use can cause health problems to women as well as for babies.

The main benefits of this tea are:-

These leaves help in strengthening uterine wall, relax and smooth muscle and help to make delivery easier. It is able to fight with infectious because it is an antibacterial agent. It can soothe tired muscles and relieve other aches and pains.

This tea is good for poor digestion. Treating menstrual disorders, influenza, and dropsy.

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